Kerala - God's Own Country

A green shawl spread out in the gleaming sunshine, Kerala is a narrow strip of land situated in the south west corner of India between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats. The land which Parasurama(sixth of the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu) retrrieved with his axe. A breathtakingly green land covered by coconut palms, lagoons, snake boats (kettu vallams), sunny beaches, waterfalls, hill stations, wild life reserves, ayurvedic, health resorts, art forms, jewellery, monuments, festivals, handicrafts...
The modern state of Kerala was formed in 1956 when India was reformed into states on linguistic basis. The legislative assembly in Kerala has 141 seats. There are 14 Districts, 63 Taluks, 991 Panchayaths, 54 Municipalities and 3 Corporations in Kerala. Kerala has 44 rivers, the longest being Bharathappuzha(Also known as Nila, 250 kilometers).

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