Poems by Mahesh

Mahesh K. Nair
Was working as Software Engineer with Infosys, Now in Belgium doing his Masters in Artificial Intelligence
A talented writer and poet

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Whistling its way through the silent morn,

Awaken from sleep, annoyed and harsh,

The wind blew hard, yet to be seen

Only as heard as skeletons frayed.


Stories of time, said and done

Breathed in the air and out to the bloom

Nourishing the song of eternal chime

The red moved on, hungry and proud.


I didn't speak, I was alone,

No one to hear, no words to chant

I stood beside my passionate one

To bid her adieu to another state.


The ashes did rain, the very next day,

It smelt of smoke and my easening dream

Mourning the pain, I kissed her grave

And knelt for the earth and heard her say...


"The rain wasn't mine, nor was the fire,

The river was quiet and so was the vent

Had I seen my tomorrows' part

I would have slept and died in its death."




I remain in my fifth year, though,

I wish my years ran past to old

My mother, my love, always near

I want to run and free her hold.


Amidst the field, on a narrow lane,

Breeze of paddy flirting the air,

I am led afar, to my 'hate(red)' school,

I want not move on, let me to float.


I slip through the pebbles and peep into the crab holes,

And watch the snail bathe in the marsh

For the ticks and spiders moving around

Tadpoles and fishes join the fray.


Far away on the western side,

A lorry of mud moves for somewhere

Its sound, I hear, disturbed my thoughts

Sprouting a new one to sustain my mind.


Pulling myself to my mother's stride,

As, tail of the caterpillar, following its head,

My heart pounds hard and skin sweat

As I smell the flavour, of 'GOOD MORNING' near.


I reached my school, I talk no more

No friends have I, neither do they,

Quiet and silent, the teacher demands,

Sometimes I hear the lorry again..




The chill of the night fading away

Rays of silver waking up the earth

I stay to cherish, your beauty at its best

So charming, so white, so loving and so pure.


Walking across the morning sunshine,

Moving my shade, small and big,

I think about our heavenly star

Coming to us, lovely and fresh.


You nurture and cherish, every life,

Of plants, of microbes, of cells and of mine

Healing the fears of nightfall and dark

You keep your promise day after day.


Never so perfect, a days' work done,

Everyday, today, yesterday and after

Doesn't it pain to hold so long ?

No worries, no aches, no tickles and frails.


Bidding adieu, every night,

To enlighten the life of another earth,

Moving away, as gold as honey,

No sleep, no rest, no senseless feels.


Until one day, I never so hope,

You go weak and rest in peace,

With wide opened ears, I shall wait,

To hear your story, of birth, of life, of character and of death.




Renouncing the pain of carrying history for so long "silence" breaks its head to a person who lends her a willing ear.

She speaks out unabashed and fearless and dies off on the way yielding to the same old burden...


I listened to the silence

And heard its song, of sadness,

With a yelling mouth she shouted at me

And asked me Why and Where to be.


She cried with a whisper

And told me her story

I was born, she said, as a virgin

And live as a whore, witches delight!


In its childhood she was cute

No evil hid on the frontier walls

She breezed in with freedom

To regions unknown, unexplored...


Singing the song of sacredness and joy,

Her days were young and fresh, with divine blood

Forgotten those verses, as today she lay,

Lamenting for time dead and away.


Her heart was pounding in an unknown way,

In sync with a rhythm no world hath sung

I listened to her, emotionless and blank

Until she slept, exhausted and tired.




We were walking along the grass,

Holding our hands, gently and soft

Listening to the wind and the little birds

the drizzling rain and breathing sand.


Dancing to the melody as we walked

too old to show the feeling of our hearts

Yet in our looks we shared our lives

In words of mind we talked about us.


I felt safe in my dearest hands,

Holding my fingers with gentle ease

Looking at him in every other stride

He cared for me in every step.


I am thankful, for having him near

To share my life of love and care,

He watches my looks and says to me

That I am the queen of beauty and love.


Talented and charming, he calls me, near

Again to say that I am his dear

Everytime, I see him near

My pride for him keeps me dear.


I have lived so far never to say,

That he was charming and beautiful at heart

Although I know that he was mine

I dare not say, lest, make him proud.


Posessive and hard, I am always his,

For life's eternal quest, for freedom,

Until I lay my head to rest

Please my dear, stay alive for me.




When darkness spilled onto every space

Lanterns moved out from dusty shelves

The little ones hear not their decisive knell

The fire was lit, for the fear of fear.


Moonlight rained down, fogging the night,

No heat, no brilliance, just the little warmth

The sparrow nest was dead as if - in death -

Farther was the flame and nearer the moon.


Contrasts did live, as is the nature's way,

And life ebbed out of the little fly,

Born and young, minutes before

Ready to start and never to die.


No reason, but less, to behold their dreams,

The old little lantern was happy and done

Time didn't wait, neither did life,

The flame whistled in routine, perhaps a prayer....



I arouse from the darkness of light

humming to the tunes of misery and fate

Asleep I was, till the shadow moved

sighing with pain the death of its mentor.


They called me a hitch

at the hackers nest

rumbling the stones

of havoc and unrest


Pulling me out, of sorrow and fire

Holding my arms of pity and pain

relaxed did I feel, the hauntness again

touching the chores of sensual frail.


They woke me to charm

the damsels and kings

drinking their wine

I danced to entertain


Afraid of you, the staring face,

I ran for shade in the ruins beneath

the shackled stone and the quarry lies

the fort of happiness, the opposite of me.



I amn't blind, for I can see

the truth thy spoke in every word,

Be it real or greyly lit

I believe in you for reasons many.


You were strong as diamonds though,

Shining your way to reigns unknown

Living in dreams, you were alive

No shadows, no foot-prints, nor the weary gasp.


You traced all ends, sparing no life

Being born every second in a million ways

Some bow down, for you are harsh

Others keep cool, you make them play.


The enemy of life keeps smiling, away,

To reach there you lend your eventful bridge

Made so strong, less worthy, for life

Defying the laws you plot the kill.


Life's got changed and so has history,

And you for once, patented the time

The blinded corners, the ugly patches

You were the reason and me the witness.







Thinking of you my mind slept,

Dreaming of days dead and gone

I felt the pulse.., fresh and smooth

As if in slumber night after night.


Every day was a linking shade,

Hiding your sunshine away from me,

I cherished your colours in every rainbow

Feeling the warmth of closeness, together.


Remember the day when our eyes met

For both the first and last instance,

I never cared to shake my hand

For I wished you near, long and for ever.


In your thoughts, my mind woke up

To touch and feel your presence near,

Confused and puzzled I bit my tongue

Realising the truth that you are vague...


Again one day you came to my world,

Early in the morn, waking me up

I never did care to hear the call

Forgetting the promises and words for the day.


Pretending sleep, I cheated my self

And stayed on still, amongst the stars

Wading through your heart, happy and safe

I yelled to my senses: It's night! It's night!




At the wayside and near to the road

I was waiting for your steps, soft like a song,

Straining my eyes towards the unending route

I frowned like a clown with eyebrows raised.


As the bus brushes the dust beneath,

Whistling its way towards a time bound place

I wonder about the images you see,

Taking you here, whilst on its way.


I see a house near the wayside tree,

Not far, not near, from the place I wait.

Blowing the air with an echoing sound,

I listened to the maid, wash, the clothes.


It belonged not, to her, nor to her kin,

But she surely had seen, the rug before.

Singing a tune, which I in-between hear,

She was sweet, and beautiful to every ear.


She came to my mind, fair and sweet,

Dressed in a saree, clinging to her waist,

As she bowed and back again,

It swayed on her body, in and out.


Her feet was numb and pale, in white,

Rigged in with fissures, cold and dark.

Her legs, wheatish and breasts, half-full,

She sang for her child, a slow moving song.


Her hair was dark, touching her waists,

A cascade of black,tied up in a tail.

Wet with the water, dripping the rugs,

She went on uncared, with the child in mind.


The breeze blew in, and I hear the pause,

Her saree swayed more, baring her breasts

Quick with reflex she held onto her fall,

Tying it with skill onto her innocuous waist.


Again I hear the same mixing tune,

The music of her, of rugs, and of breeze.

Caught in a spell of her enchanting face,

I closed my eyes and reached for her waist.


I awoke from dreams, as the engine drew near,

With awe and guilt, I glanced at the crowd,

Did someone notice?, and caught me staring ?

No, I am Ok. and was alone till now.


She came to my arms, after the weeks trail,

Relaxed and cheerful, as she fell into me

I held my Maid in trembling arms,

And spoke to her with respect and love.


Where you the one who washed their clothes?

Singing to the tune of an old unknown rhyme.

Where you the one with bosoms full?

Awaiting her child, from his grandmother's lap?



It was early to start my day

Walking across to the nearby crowd

Smelling the air of fresh early morn

I reached the shop of breakfast and tea.


Owned by Bhaskaran, the villagers man,

Fifteen red tooth smiling to the world.

Plaqued with betel, for over fifty years,

He handled the cash and the hot tea kiln.


Stories had he, of every day fame,

Some were old that history forgets.

Those which explained princess Diana's death

Of Darwin and Plato, his old school friends.


As bare was his thoughts, actions and speech

So were his torso, body and chest,

A sun dried dhoti covering his tan

He moved on with rhythm filling every bit.


Watching his hands moving with tea

I ordered a glass of milk 'n water

I sat onto the slim wooddy little bench

Replying the crowd with casual eyes.


The sound of thud as the amber glass did lay

Woke me up from the oily, news-feast

I folded along the relevant page

Feeling the warmth of boiling white.


I enjoyed the sip with oozing sounds

As did many, with newsreels around

Talking about Israel, US and home

They proved their point right to the fore.


Swingers, cobblers, barbers and servants,

Painters, artists, writers and drivers

Fresh and clean with the morning wash

Muddled in lots to Bhaskarans thatch.


His wife was cute, natural and sane

Helping his ways in washing up the mess

Closing her eyes and blowing the ash,

She bends down to pick the firewoods near.


She gives him rest, while he lits up the fire,

Of talks, of stubs and of quarrels light

I sit aside watching the group

United they are to begin their ways.


I pay in coins for the water I had

Coloured in white with a pinch of milk

Sometimes to Ammini, his wife for long

Smiling at me with respect and shine.


Warm and relaxing as I start my day

Leaving Bhaskaran along until for the next,

I wave my heart to the mob I leave

Choking with love and throbbing for more




I remember the day

when you saw me in real

Never did I knew that

you didn't mind, to see my love

bloom, under the setting sun.

I wasn't taught to be normal that way

For we shared the same roots and

ate the same food

Little did I realise

that day of my life

was so much to make me

think and feel your presence near.

Everyday that I remain alone

thinking of the time that we had shared

to be in your hands and in your caress

Feeling my life, overflow with passion.

A sense of longing shadows my soul

and keeps my heart ache for more.

You were gentle, smooth and silky

just as the river wading over the silt

Your touch was light as a soothening dream

and kiss, so sweet as a dampening mist.

My eyes closed, in you, as I dreamt no more

for I never did have a better one.

I remember you say

that you never can be mine

and well do I realise

that you are yours

and never can be mine.

The thoughts we shared and

the games we had played

does remain until we part this world.

Being the one that blossoms in dreams

its virtue measured in truth and love.

One day, someone would knock my door

and me to welcome my life's aboard

I would be taught the lessons again

Never the same and never the old dreams,

I might lie under another life

To make my self towards another being

When I cherish the painful quiver

And find my weakness dragging me to sleep

I would dream an another you

Lifting me up towards the stars

Caressing my soul with your tiny heart

And to say that we were made to know each other.

Little more could I, ever be known

Just as you had, no one would ever

Thats all I need, to be yours

In life, in dreams and in everlasting love.




With the RAIN

I ran towards the kitchen, covered with smoke,

Meddling with spoons and beating the flour

Soon did I drop, a careless one,

Annoying my mother, yelling out at me.


She took me away, my old-faced grandma,

And reminded her daughter, that I am little

Alight and safe at her experienced hips,

She kissed me dear while holding me near.


Onto the verandah, overlooking the plains,

She sat on the floor, leaning on the pillar

Singing to me an old, soothening hymn,

Patting me soft, with love and care.


The day was old and about to end,

Not that late, but the clouds made it so

Dark and heavy as they prepared to fall,

A blanket of shade hiding the sun.


Sitting on her laps, I gazed onto the road,

Watching the crowd, speeding their ways

The drops were light, as it began to fall,

Softening the earth as an icing, on the cake.


The rain grew on, as time went by,

Inventing the stream and the gushing marsh

Washing away the weakly held silt,

Towards the husk, stubborn and deep.


I watched the drops, pounding on the stream,

Spillling the air, with overflowing mist

Plantain leaves waving, as the wind blew hard,

The trees kept swaying, happiness galore.


I watched the tall co-co-nut trees,

Dancing with its neck, roots held firm

Onto its branch, a crow did rest,

Fluffing its feathers, letting off the rain.




I watched the cock, beside the bush,

Wet with rain and dripping through its tail

With drooping head and eyelids closed,

He prayed for the sun to wake up and shine.


I watched the dog, far at the gate,

Safe on the shelter, overlooking the road

Maybe with respect, she held her gaze,

Trembling, silent, breating and still.


I watched the tiles, oozing with wet,

Drops of shine one after the other

Fighting with gravity onto the pool,

Making for more, following the stride.


I watched the lady, treading the road,

Loaded with palm-leaves and unspoiled clothes

Along she sped, to her awaiting home,

Perhaps more wet, oily and sweat.


I watched the flies, flirting the tubelight,

Holding its feathers, for their lifes' too short

Some did fall, the others more strong,

Clinging to life within the lizards reach.


I watched the rain drizzling the earth,

Now relaxed and calm, perhaps more tired

The clouds were pale and sky so grey,

Tired and yawning, I stretched on, in her laps.


A lass next door, walked gentle and soft,

Towards the temple, maybe to the shop

Her hair was wet, with a recent bath,

And feet so fair, as a lotus bloom.


Time grew old, as my eyes go closed,

Her hands of caress, still tireless and strong

Her music didn't stop and took me to sleep,

Cold was the rain and warm - her laps.





We joined together, the day she mate,

Moving along the highway street

Tired and exhausted we held our way,

Preferring to stay and rest for ever.


The food came by, so did the water,

Shelter was free, none to question ??

Swimming abode the refreshing pool

We slept on red, cosy and calm.


At times we heard the sudden thud,

Pulling me away to another side

Cursing the reasons a million times,

I laid my back to another rest.


Landslides and waterfalls around my world,

Distracting my life with dreadful pains

Clinging onto myself on that eventful rope,

I held on still and hoped for peace.


Added on with flesh, bones and torso,

I learned to live in hurricanes and snow

Warm and humid the world shrunk small

While I grew up slow, edible and fresh.


I kicked her once and many times again

To leave me free or perhaps to say,

"Do you with heart keep yening for me,

Awaiting to break this slimy shell".


Thinking of death my mind did quiver,

Kicking again, the trembling shiver

I lived in here and grew so big

Familiar are those, the forgotten days.


One day they hooked a massive fork

Killing me here and into the death

How bad I need the days I lived

So easy and free, the days I lived.



Bellowing towards the wagons wheel
My mind breathed in the momentous air
Following his mane towards the far-away den
I was away onto my safest abode.
He kept me cozy on a bitches trace
Patting with farce and taming fives
She gave me the world of safety and pride
Praising my skin and the beauty beneath.
The matron was sweet, she loved me dear,
Taking my chain and the money I kept
Helping me to sleep, she promised to come,
Tired and weak, I folded onto the bed.
Sunshine drew close and the cocks trumpeted
Night seemed wading towards another shore
He came in and caught my sleepy hair
Waking me to hell the midnights knell.
Boring me deep his manly stump
He tore me apart with devilish lust
Soaked in red, my virgins blood
Spitting its white, a venomous snake.
I knew not him, nor the serpents charm
Never did I exist, my emotions dead
Was that a dream? I never had lived!!
And I am at home, sleeping through time.
Minutes did pass and another came in
This time I fought with fingers and nails
Biting his arm, I was mashed to bed
Slicking into me an, another sword.
Dead and weak I crippled in bed
Cursing the moments I fell for him
Misery and shame dwindled at me
Crying beside me, perhaps in vain.
They bartered my youth, to many a hands
More of venom got drained into me.
Forty of those nights, I lay in blush,
Awaiting a Samaritan to get me home.
Moving in drains, my pitiful face
Yearns for solace, a simple smile,
Pointing to me a move gone wrong,
They call me a whore in gentlemens world.




My father was strong, dark and tough,

Revered by people, young and old.

We called him "Achan", our memories clear,

Some as "Appu", the villagers Man.


He feared no heights, nor stinging wasps,

The summer was cool, tanning him dark.

His hairy chest and the colour-ridden shorts,

Shown out so bare to one and all.


Carrying along, a razor-sharp wedge,

Coloured in dark, except for the edge

A loop of coir, embraced his head

Sometimes in legs conjoined as one.


A towel in white, unchanged for years,

Coiled in loose, embracing his neck.

A serpents charm, this hanging white,

Ate up his sweat and the occasional dust.


Walking along the narrow lanes, three legged and firm,

Some slender, some rigged, some rugged and some twined,

Pointed towards the blueness above,

They swayed in dance to Appuannan’s moves.


He visits every house, once a month,

Picking up the wood with experienced eyes,

Some did escape his gentle axe,

Only to return, thirty days from now.


Children loved him, his cherubic smile,

Plenty of sweet and quenching thirst.

The elders eyed him with prospects galore,

With markets to tune and gossips to share.


Some days he used his pointed plough,

Dehusking the mane to reveal the shell.

With hundreds gone, and in pouring sweat,

He swivels his white, and around his tan.


Rice soup and salt, his favourite drink,

Buttermilk and ginger, with onions and leaves

They feed him well for money’s worth,

Many years for now and many to go.


Night was the time when villagers met,

Toddy in plenty at Kuttappan’s shop.

With blown-up eyes and see-saw moves,

He comes home tired, arrogant and foul.


He remembers our name, Kittu’s and mine,

And of Gomathy, our mother, his second wife.

Disillusioned as a rat, in a serpents nest,

We wait for the thrashings, for reasons petty.


Trembling in fear, our heartbeats roar,

Perhaps to wake the pigged-out snake.

Wound up in sheets, opposite to his snore,

We stay on till sleep and then to move.


Morning breaks out and we are kissed,

Serene and sublime, to start our day.

Gentle as he treats us, we nimble beings,

How bad we crave to see her smile.


Years moved on and Appuannan takes rest,

Leaving his fete for others to stride

Those symmetric footpaths and clapping leaves

Would remember his ways, in life and in death.






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