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As I walked on the sands of time.
a few golden patches, a few not worth a dime..
I came across a myriad of people,
Some were strong of character, some were feeble.

At first, my steps were steady & slow.
As people in life passed me,
I knew time was short to catch their glow,
Inexperience was my company.
For this, did one need to have maturity ??
For, Some blinded me with their brilliance,
some soothed me with their purity.

Life was my teacher & taught me from its golden book
Sometimes at me it laughed..
Sometimes with me it cried..
Sometimes I was punished..
Sometimes I was forgiven & let off the hook.
Like a lost child, brought back to course,
Never left me at the end of the day, morose.

What was I searching for, on this golden beach ??
Was it attainable or was it out of my reach ??
Was it the ship sailing on the horizon so blue..
Or was it the tiny stars shinning in the sky, so few ??

Each person who crossed me taught me what life is...
I was taught a father's love & a mother's warmth,
A sister's companionship & a brother's charm.
A friend's broken heart which needed some love,
The hunger of a stray dog, the pain of a dove.

As the golden sands slipped through my feet,
I looked back on the path,
now looking so long & neat.
All along the path I saw footsteps alongside me,
& what is this that I see... ??

I see a lot of paths made by people all around me,
Some crossing over to me, some walking away from me
. Pointing to that time in life, which is embedded in my heart..
At that time I found the meaning of my life.

Its not the years nor the miles you walk.
Its not all the famous people with whom you may talk.
Its those people who walked with you in life's small walk,
Its what you taught them & to you, what they taught.

--Author unknown