The historical importance of the city and this temple can be gauged from the fact that in 1750, when it was the capital of the Venad chieftains of the erstwhile state of Travancore, its renowned ruler Maharaja Marthanda Varma dedicated the entire state to the deity of the temple. It was only as servants of the deity that the king and his successors held possessions as well as the right to rule.

The city has recently grown as a tourist and commercial centre, with the Trivandrum International Airport becoming the main gateway into Kerala for a substantial number of visitors and tourists.

City Area       :  74 sq km
City Population :  523, 733
District Area   :  2,192 sq km as per Malayala Manorama, 1994
Population      :  2,938,533
Altitude        :  Sea level
Climate         :  Warm tropical
Temperature     :  Mean Max.    Mean Min. (in degrees Celsius)
        Summer  :    36.2         20.6
        Winter  :    35.0         18.0
Rainfall        :  170 cm (May to November)
Clothing        :  Tropical cottons
Tourist season  :  September to May

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