Ente Ashan
You thought his greatness was too much for mere mortals to capture in mere words
Let us not err in permitting our deficiency to let his greatness go without deserving adulation
Let us join hands and make a humble attempt to chronicle this one-time phenomenon
-one adjective at a time Caring, Adorable, Impeccable, Philanthropic, Diligent, Dynamic, Suave
Let not big words impress you.
It is only logical that great people beget great praise.
But despite the most valiant efforts of bipedal men,
such a pinnacle can only be admired from adjacent peaks.
Let us salute this institution whose minnarets we cannot see,
but the walls of which we can endlessly admire
Nature has a queer way of demonstrating greatness
The shining sun, the milky moon, the glittering stars,
the soothing winds, the dewy grass, the chirpy birds,
-all instruments of nature's orchestra performing the eulogy of thy,
the finest master piece there ever was!
KUDOS to the great one!
Higher than the highest mountains, Swifter than the swiftest rivers,
Larger than the largest seas, Faster than the fastest winds,
We vow to sacrifice our lives so that
our great master may redeem and revamp the human race
He whose name is 'The Great' knows all
From creation to destruction, he writes the scripts
We are but mere players in his drama
And gladly we play to his tunes
For he is the Master who knows all!
Years have gone by since he was born
Not a day goes by where his greatness does not caress our lives
His light begins a new ray of hope for us
His benevolence puts the elixir of life in us
His innovation cajoles us into the lap of comfort
His affection sets our souls on a glory ride
His dynamism gives new avenues for our indulgence
His overseeing helps us all to breath easier
His approval our body and mind thirsts for
His tomorrow sparks the pleasant uneasiness in our slumber,
in eager expectation of another sun
Oh 'The Great'! Thy glory we hail, on bended knees
The son of the soil is leaving for the lucky shores ashore
The country weeps for him but knows other nations await HIS Greatness
To all critics, he said "Better Brain Drain than Brain in the Drains"
But who can be a more ardent patriot than he,
who shall bring the country honor and glory like no other
Watch out NY,
the phenomenon is going to change the way you look at life
For he has changed ours ever so pleasantly.
A dreary, boring August night
The people of a nation slept lazily
Unaware of the creeping shadows of his mighty torso

And they awoke to its blinding light
Every gully, now a broadway
All their hopes, now a reality

Liberated as never before by his brilliance
Every facet of their lives now dressed in glory
The great nation strode ahead

All on the eminence of one super-human
The man with the greatest bowel strength of them all
The indubitable gentleman, THE GREAT.