Kannur -- the land of Theyyam 

Formerly a major port area, this is now a place known for its handloom and beedi industries. Some of Kerala's finest weavers come from this district. Kannur is also the headquarters of the country's largest and best-run beedi co-operatives which produces the famous brand, Kerala Dinesh beedi. 
This district is bound in the east by the Western Ghats, in the West by the Arabian Sea, in the north by the Kasargode district and in the south by the Mahe region of the union territory of Pondicherry. Kannur district is blessed with many rivers. Valapattanam river which originates from western ghats is the longest river in the district. The others are Mahe, Anjarakandy, Thalasserry, Ramapuram and Erumba. Most of the rivers are navigable. Kannur district has extensive forest areas, which may be classified under two heads viz., reserve forest and vested forests. 

TheyyamThis seacoast town in the northern Malabar area was for many centuries the capital of the Kolathiri Rajas, the rivals of the Zamorins of Kozhikode. Marco Polo is supposed to have referred to Kannur as a great emporium of spices. Kannur is the land of theyyam, a traditional temple art. 

St Angelo's fort: For a touch of history, one should visit the St Angelo's fort - a huge triangular structure built with laterite. It has strong flanking bastions. 

Chirakkal: Chirakkal, 6 kms from Kannur is where the Kolathiri lived. 

Madayil: The famous 12 century mosque at Madayil, a village 22 kms from Kannur was built by Malik Ibn Dinar with white marble said to have been brought from Arabia. The Madayil beach is also splendid. 

Parassinikkadavu snake park: Parassinikkadavu snake park signifies the great role-played by snakes in keeping the ecology of nature. The park is dedicated to preservation and conservation of snakes most of, which are getting extinct gradually. It has snake pits and fifteen glass cases for snakes and two big glass cases for King Cobras. There are about 150 snakes including Spectacled Cobras, Monosialed Cobras, Russels Viper, Pit Viper and three magnificent King Cobras. And there is also a large collection of non-poisonous snakes and large pythons.